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This document sets out the Terms and Conditions you need to be aware of when using this website. Please take a moment to read them, as they set out your important rights and obligations. Janice Williams Counselling Services cares about making sure we both know where we stand. When you visit this website, and use my services, you agree that you are over the age of 18 and willing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.  If you don’t accept this agreement, you should not continue to visit this website or purchase from Janice Williams Counselling Services.

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Janice Williams is a qualified professional counsellor with a Graduate Diploma in Systemic (Family) Counselling. Janice is a Certified Mother-Daughter Relationship Coach from Mother-Daughter Coaching International. Janice provides in-person and online counselling and coaching to women over the age of 18.

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars.

General Disclaimer

On this website you will find content regarding counselling, mother-daughter information, parenting information, blog posts and working online in business. This content will be in the form of articles, guides, hints and tips, and on health and well-being. The purpose for this content is for education, personal development and providing counselling, coaching and well-being information for women over the age of 18. Janice Williams is not a psychologist, so cannot provide rebates through the Medicare Mental Health Care Plan. You do not need a referral to Janice Williams Counselling Services.

Each time you use Janice Williams Counselling Services, you agree to the Terms in this document and also found on her website.

Intellectual Property

No portion of this website may be copied or replicated in any form without the written consent of Janice Williams, unless it is for personal, non-commercial use only. You may share freely on social media so long as it is linked back to my website and acknowledged that the information or any images was sourced from Janice Williams Counselling Services website.

My Rights & Responsibilities

I take great care to provide valuable and professional services but I cannot be responsible for the use that you make of that information. Please be aware that the counselling and coaching I provide is not a substitute for specialist advice tailored to your individual circumstances. For example, I cannot assist with medical information, addictions or severe mental health issues. I have been a counsellor for over 20 years and take pride in my knowledge and experience in counselling women and parents.

I do not provide services to support legal or court proceedings or other types of legal disputes. Please get legal information/help for this specific service.

At times I will have external links on my website. I try to ensure that these external links are relevant to my counselling service but I am not responsible for the content of any external sites that may be linked.

Visitor Responsibilities

Janice Williams Counselling Services does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss, damage and/or injury suffered nor for any action or inaction by you as a consequence of the consulting.

For visitors to Janice Williams Counselling Services website, it is your responsibility to use common sense for your own health, safety and wellbeing with the information that you read and use from this website. If any concerns should arise, you should seek advice from a mental health professional. If there is an emergency for yourself or for others, please ring 000 (in Australia) or refer to the information at the bottom of the FAQ on my website for further details and contact information.

My website and all content on my website are owned by Janice Williams, unless otherwise stated.

Privacy & Security

All counselling and coaching sessions are confidential. Client files are held securely in a locked cabinet that only Janice Williams has access to. Contact information, calendar and billing of fees can only be accessed by Janice Williams. I will not share your information with others without written permission from yourself. There are, however, some circumstances where confidentiality may need to be broken:

If there is a concern that you or someone else is at risk of serious harm

If there is a comment or suggestion that raises concern of child abuse

If a court of law requests your records

If there is a commission of a criminal act

Janice Williams Counselling Services uses technology to communicate with clients but as with all technology, be aware that there are risks with online communication and I cannot guarantee the security of the internet. It is your responsibility to ensure that your technology is secure and private with Janice Williams Counselling Services.

If there are interruptions or dropouts in technology during a session, the session will continue using mobile phone.

I treat confidentiality with great importance and I expect that clients who use my service will not record any sessions as these are confidential. You may not forward any email or other electronic communications from Janice Williams to other persons. You may not copy and paste parts of emails or other communications and pass on this information to other persons.

Prior to each online counselling and coaching session, check that your device is working and that you are in a private quiet space. Two days before the session, I will send you a link to connect for the online session. If you are delayed for your session time, SMS or ring me on 0404 871 195. If you are delayed longer than 15 minutes, then I will assume the session is cancelled and full fee will be charged. I realise that things happen unexpectedly but it is difficult to fill an appointment at short notice. I prepare for each session prior to an appointment so care and dedication and my time goes into preparing for each session.


If you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before your allocated time, you will receive a refund. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, full fee will be charged as it is difficult to fill that spot in less than 24 hours.

If you are unable to attend your session, call or SMS 0404 871 195 to inform me with more than 24 hours’ notice of your session and your appointment can be rescheduled.

Payment Terms

Fees are to be paid in full at least 48 hours prior to each session, payment is by bank transfer.

Individual Sessions

In-person Consultation:    60 minutes  –  $AUD150

Online Consultation:          60 minutes  –  $AUD150

Mother-Daughter Couple Sessions

In-person Consultation:    60 minutes  –  $AUD175

Online Consultation:          60 minutes  –  $AUD175

Specific letters to be written by Janice Williams:     60 minutes   –   $AUD150

Emails or text messages which are requested by client to be read by Janice Williams:   60 minutes   –   $AUD150


If you have any issue or complaint from your session with Janice Williams, or arising out of your use of this website or these terms and conditions, Janice Williams Counselling Services agree to make a genuine effort to resolve the dispute. Please email Janice Williams at within 7 days of your last session. Leave a contact number so that we can discuss to negotiate a solution.

Respectful Communication

Respectful communication is engaging in conversations with others politely, considering other people’s feelings, actively listening to other people’s viewpoints, and valuing their ideas yet accepting that people may have different opinions.

In all in-person, video and phone consultations, emails or any written communications, which includes my website and social media, you will treat me with respect. In all communications with you, I will treat you with respect.

Responsible Engagement

Janice Williams engages in social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Janice Williams takes responsible engagement seriously. There will be no demeaning comments or behaviour on any platform that is associated with Janice Williams. If there is any disrespectful engagement on any of Janice Williams’ social media platforms or website, the comments will be deleted. Janice Williams is not responsible for the behaviour of others. If there is a problem, please contact me at


Janice Williams Counselling Services is located in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. This agreement is subject to the governing law of New South Wales, Australia.

As part of providing a counselling service to you, I need to collect and record personal information from you that is relevant to your situation. Collection of information is a necessary part of counselling and it enables a counsellor to provide a relevant and informed service to you. This information includes your name, contact information, country where you currently reside, and other relevant information.

If you have any questions, please ring me on:

0404 871 195  (in Australia), or

+61 404 871 195  (outside Australia).

For more information, please view the Privacy Policy on my website.

If you have any questions after reading this document, please discuss it with Janice Williams.

Thank you.    Janice Williams