Janice Williams Counselling Services

Call 0404 871 195 for your Free 20 minute consultation


If there is financial difficulty, you may request a reduced rate.  Ask Janice when booking your session.

You do not need a referral to my service. 

You will not need to see a GP, for the Mental Health Care Plan, who would record a diagnosis on your medical records. This means that employers and insurance companies, who wish to find out about prospective job applicants, will not know if you have been accessing counsellors. So you will have more choice about who you see as well as the number of sessions you can have.

Counselling for Individuals

In-Person Counselling:  60 minutes  –  $120

Online Counselling:         60 minutes  –  $120

Phone Counselling:          60 minutes  –  $110  (Phone counselling is available in Australia only)

Effective counselling for women experiencing stress, anxiety, parenting challenges, grief and loss, depression, managing life transitions, family concerns, self care tips, or anything else that is on your mind.

Counselling Packages

  • great value
  • less cost
  • convenient to pre-book sessions

3 Session Packages

3 x 60 minute sessions  –  Online
total package $340 (Save $20)

3 x 60 minute sessions  –  Phone
total package $310 (Save $20)


6 Session Packages

6 x 60 minute sessions  –  Online
total package $670 (Save $50)

6 x 60 minute sessions  –  Phone
total package $610 (Save $50)

Cuppa & Cafe Counselling

Face to face sessions can be conducted in a park or a cafe. Surprisingly, these sessions have less distractions than at home or in an office. As these sessions are in a less formal space, women often find they are more relaxed and can talk more freely. Talk with Janice if this is something you would like. 

Gift Certificates

Sometimes life is a little less ordinary, a rollercoaster of emotions. An impartial support now and again can help sort through your feelings.

Perhaps a loved one could benefit from counselling, but struggles financially. A Gift Certificate could be what they need.

It’s not easy raising the topic of counselling or giving a loved one a gift certificate for counselling. It may require tact.

When you give the certificate to your loved one, tell them that you care about them, you don’t think there is something wrong with them but counselling may help them get over ‘the humps’ in life. This gift certificate will provide a way to get through those times when life is a little less ordinary.

The gift of wellbeing with one counselling session or a block of sessions will be an indication that you care about them. The recipient can contact me to organise a session time. These sessions are confidential. Your loved one will be supported in a warm, compassionate and non-judgemental space.