Janice Williams

About Janice Williams Counselling and Coaching

Hi, I’m Janice. I specialise in Mother-Daughter Relationships, am a Qualified Counsellor and the only Certified Mother-Daughter Coach in Australia and the South Pacific region. With over 20 years of experience, I have successfully helped many women with their mother-daughter relationships.

Due to my own struggles with a critical and emotionally detached mother, bullying at school, social anxiety and not feeling good enough, I was determined to help other women overcome difficulties in their relationships with others that hinder healthy connections, to push past debilitating anxiety and gain strength to reclaim their voice.

Life can be challenging, a rollercoaster of emotions. Maybe you don’t know what to do, which way to turn, or even how to say what it is that’s troubling you.

Perhaps you struggle with grief, guilt or emotional heaviness. I will help you uncover the causes of conflict and disconnection, how to move past the blame and shame and set healthy boundaries.

I will work with you to navigate the challenges of your mother-daughter relationship where you will no longer be held back by relationship grief and can integrate your experience so you can move forward.


I have a Graduate Diploma in Systemic (Family) Counselling, am a member of Mother-Daughter Coaching International, a member of the Australian Association of Family Therapy and a member of the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association.

I am a Certified Coach with the USA based Mother-Daughter Coaching International, the world’s leading trainer of Mother-Daughter Coaches, and I am the only Certified Mother-Daughter Coach in Australia and the South Pacific region.

Mother-Daughter Coaching is a specialist service offering sessions throughout Australia and worldwide. 

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Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are

~ Brene Brown