⇒   Do you struggle in your relationship with your mother?

⇒   Have difficulties in your relationship with your daughter?

⇒   Feel anxious, depressed, angry, sad, overwhelmed or disconnected?

⇒   Feel that you are inadequate, that you are never quite good enough?

⇒   Feel minimised, unappreciated, judged?

⇒   Have difficulty setting boundaries?

⇒   Want help from someone who has travelled a similar journey to yourself?

⇒   Do you want to heal from the pain of the past and no longer be held back by relationship grief?

If you answer Yes to any or all of these questions, then I can help you.


Mother Daughter Counselling and Coaching
Janice Williams Counselling

Hi, I’m Janice

I’m a specialist Mother-Daughter Relationship Coach helping women heal past wounds and transform their lives.

Women often talk about the difficult relationship they have with their mother or daughter. They wish they had a warm, close relationship and feel sad, hurt and disappointed at the loss of connection.

Maybe you don’t want to repeat history with your daughter. Or you want to stop living up to your mother’s expectations. 

This loss of attachment affects relationships with others too – partners, children, extended family, friends, work colleagues.

I will work with you to uncover the underlying conflict and disconnection, understand the generational patterns within your family, become empowered to voice your needs and create healthy boundaries.

I will equip you with tools and strategies to find solutions to problems and create positive change within yourself and in your relationships.

You will feel less stress, more energy, less anger and more confident, calm and connected.

I work with mothers and daughters individually, and with mothers and daughters together.

Sessions available across Australia and worldwide.

I will support you in your journey to grow and not be held back by the past

Conversation Cards for Mothers and Daughters

These unique cards have been designed with the intention of nurturing and strengthening the Mother-Daughter connection.

Each deck comes with 52 thoughtfully crafted conversation prompts and questions where you can explore your stories and foster meaningful mother-daughter conversations.

These cards will generate a new level of connection and understanding between mothers and daughters. Please tap link to find out more information.

Dynamics in Mother-Daughter Relationships

What are the dynamics in Mother-Daughter Relationships? What techniques does a Mother-Daughter Relationship Coach use?

I was interviewed by health and wellbeing educator, Ivanna Ruger, to describe the dynamics of Mother-Daughter relationships and the tools and techniques used to help women who have relationship problems with their mother or daughter.

Create Lasting Change

As a Counsellor and the only Certified Mother-Daughter Relationship Coach in Australia and the South Pacific region, with over 20 years experience, I have a passion for supporting women to improve wellbeing, increase self-confidence and create meaningful change within yourself and in your relationships.

Many women feel anxious talking about their problems. There may be topics that are difficult to raise, it can take a while to talk about deeply personal issues. We will go at your pace together.

You will be supported in a warm, compassionate and non-judgemental space.

Sessions are available across Australia and worldwide.

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“I was feeling at my wits end, drowning and needing help. Janice provided understanding, support and caring.”DN

~ NSW Australia