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Be a confident woman

As a qualified Therapist and certified Parent Coach with 20 years experience, I am passionate about helping women to achieve their goals, find solutions to problems, rediscover their values and redefine who they are.

My therapy and coaching sessions have helped many women through the challenges of motherhood and parenting, through grief and loss, stress and anxiety, family concerns and other life struggles. 

My sessions will help you to achieve increased wellbeing, improved self-confidence and create meaningful change.

provide a confidential and safe space where you will be supported in a warm, compassionate and non-judgemental way.

I will help you to lead a happy and fulfilled life by giving you tools and skills to discover your best life.

Therapy Services:

•  parenting challenges

•  family concerns

•  managing anxiety

•  grief and loss

•  depression

•  relationship with self and others

•  women’s wellbeing

•  stress management

•  significant relationships

•  self care tips

•  managing life transitions

•  confidence and self esteem

Or anything else that is on your mind

Additional Professional Experience

•  Delivered a wide range of parenting workshops

•  Facilitated ADHD workshops for parents

•  Led therapeutic groups

•  Aspergers support group for parents

Other Training & Professional Development

•  Trauma and Brain Development workshop

•  Attachment Across the Lifespan

•  Living with Teenagers

•  Mindfulness Unpacked

•  Parenting Children with ADHD

•  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

•  Adult Grief – Counselling Below the Surface

•  Children, Grief and Self Esteem

•  Narrative Therapy – Ideas and Practices

•  Solution Focussed Brief Therapy

Featured In:

“Janice was a God send!

She’s very calm, knowledgeable, understanding and full of great tips and tricks for me to deal with my teenagers!

Will definitely be using her again to help
me through these years.”

~ NSW Australia