Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, stressed?

Do you struggle with your child’s behaviour or in setting boundaries with your children and others?

Are you feeling that you are ‘not good enough’?

Would you like ideas to manage a child’s behaviour?

Do you wish for a greater sense of confidence and calm?

My counselling and coaching sessions will help you.  Appointments are in-person, online or phone. 

Online and phone counselling is available throughout Australia, with online counselling available worldwide. Appointments are daytime, evenings and Saturdays.

I see clients within 7 days.

The nourishing Cuppa & Cafe Counselling is another option, which are face to face sessions which can be held in a park or a cafe. Talk with Janice if this is something you would like.

The online and phone counselling options give women flexibility when you are:

  • Juggling work and family
  • You don’t have carers for your children while attending appointments
  • Busy professionals
  • Shift workers
  • Lack of transport to attend counselling
  • Anxiety to leave your home
  • Being in the comfort of your own home
  • Highly confidential and a convenient alternative
  • Personal circumstances which make it difficult to leave your home
  • Live in a rural or remote area and difficulty in accessing counselling
  • Mobility issues may prevent access to attend counselling
  • You can access my counselling service if travelling away from home
  • Price for online and phone counselling is a cost effective alternative